The Worst Celebrity Scientists: Gwyneth Paltrow, Snooki, Top ‘Bad Science’ List

People say stupid things. For most of us, those stupid things are only heard by a handful of people. But for celebrities, well, they can spew their ignorance onto millions of people at a time.

Sense About Science (SAS), a charity which works to promote scientific knowledge, pointed out a few celebrities who made incorrect statements during 2011. Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Snooki were all guilty of bad science in 2011.

Tracey Brown, managing director at SAS, told the Telegraph:

“It’s tempting to dismiss celebrity comments on science and health, but their views travel far and wide and, once uttered, a celebrity cancer prevention idea or environmental claim is hard to reverse. At a time when celebrities dominate the public realm, the pressure for sound science and evidence must keep pace.”

So what did the offending celebrities say?

Simon Cowell believes that he’s able to stay young and healthy by swallowing a handful of vitamins everyday. Ursula Arens, a dietitian at the British Dietetic Association, said that beside people who are sick, you can get enough vitamins from your daily intake of food alone.

Gwyneth Paltrowpraised a detox program for enhancing her mind while helping her shed a few pounds. But Dr Christian Jessen said that the body has its own detox system already in place with the liver and kidneys.

And Snooki, well, Snooki said that the ocean is salty because it’s practically all whale sperm. But Simon Boxall, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton, said “the salt in the sea comes from many millions of years of water flowing over rocks and minerals.”

Not whale sperm.

Do you think these are the most science-challenged celebrities?

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