Nikki Ferrell Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Wasn’t Going To Quit’

Nikki Ferrell is known for being the woman who fought for Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor. He went on the show with the goal of finding someone, but Andi Dorfman – who went home after the fantasy suite dates – didn’t think he was there to find a wife for the rest of his life. Ferrell, however, was convinced that there was something there to pursue.

For months, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell fought for love despite living in two different states. While he stayed in Miami because of his daughter Camila from a previous relationship, Nikki didn’t feel comfortable moving to Miami and giving up her job at a Kansas City hospital, where she works as a pediatric nurse. After months of trying and a brief stint on Couples Therapy, the couple split last year. Ferrell claimed he dumped her.

According to a new US Magazine report, The Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell is now breaking her silence about what went wrong. And it sounds like Nikki doesn’t hold anything against Juan Pablo in regards to their failed romance.

“It’s not from a lack of trying on either side,” Ferrell told Chris Harrison during The Bachelor premiere party last night, adding, “I tried really hard and he tried too.”

Many assumed that Nikki was trying much more than he was in terms of making it work. He wouldn’t even vocalize his feelings, and during their time on Couples Therapy, he often said that it was a language barrier. It was clear during the finale of The Bachelor that he wouldn’t propose or even say those three little words that could have changed the outcome of their relationship. But Nikki was determined to make it work.

“I wasn’t going to quit,” Ferrell explained, adding, “I’m not a quitter. I tried everything, he tried, too. It wasn’t just a one-side thing… we real-life tried, not TV-tried.”

Despite not hearing those three little words from Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell is convinced that he did love her at one point, even though he wasn’t ready to spill the beans in front of the cameras. He did up saying those words to her, but it wasn’t enough to save them.

“He’s so caring. He cares so much about his family, friends, and people that he trusts. He’s a good person. I don’t have anything bad to say,” Ferrell explained, adding, “There was awhile where I did feel he was totally in love with me … We said we loved each other just like in a normal relationship.”

It sounds like Nikki has moved on in a positive manner. According to the Inquisitr, she has been getting support from her friends, including Andi Dorfman.

What do you think about Nikki Ferrell’s sweet words about Juan Pablo?

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