Yolanda Foster Compares Brandi Glanville To A Dog, Brandi Responds

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster may have been struggling with Lyme disease for a few years and she has admitted that sometimes she will say things that she doesn’t process prior to opening her mouth. But it sounds like Yolanda may have known what she was saying when she called her friend Brandi Glanville a dog, because she was using it as a comparison.

It is no secret that Yolanda Foster and Brandi are close friends and often hang out. So, when Foster decided to speak out about her friend, no one really took it as a serious dig. Plus, with English as her second language, Foster may not have meant it as something negative or harsh. It could have been a cute reference.

According to a new Examiner report, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster called Glanville a dog. Foster compared her friend to a disobedient dog when Andy Cohen asked her about their friendship. She pointed out that Brandi just needs tough love and guidance, just like a dog or a disobedient child.

And while many would be upset with such a comment, Brandi took it as a compliment. She felt that Yolanda’s comment just showed how close they are as friends. Plus, she feels she understands Foster better than anyone else.

“I am not upset at all & I understand Yolanda more then most people so I take this as a compliment,” Brandi revealed to her fans after the story broke.

“My friendship with Brandi…it’s like having a child doesn’t behave right. It’s like your dog. On the days that the dog doesn’t behave right, you don’t kick him to the curb. You keep trying. So that’s my relationship with Brandi,” Yolanda Foster told Andy when asked about Glanville.

Perhaps Foster is giving her co-star something that Lisa Vanderpump couldn’t do during their friendship. In addition, Yolanda is busy with her children, as Gigi Hadid and Bella are getting submerged into the modeling world. She recently got a schooling from her children, who are very active on social media.

But Yolanda Foster may have much more on her mind than drama with her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. According to the Inquisitr, Foster recently suffered a serious relapse. She has been traveling the world to try different medications and treatment options. And one can imagine that Glanville is one of the housewives, who is there to help Yolanda through this recent relapse.

What do you think about Yolanda Foster calling Brandi a dog? Would you take offense?

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