‘My Husband’s Not Gay’: TLC Special About Married Men Attracted To Other Men Sparks LGBT Protest

A new TLC reality one-hour special called My Husband’s Not Gay follows the lives a few Mormon men who are happily married to women but also attracted to men. The series is facing heavy criticism from the LGBT community and they are petitioning for the broadcast to be cancelled.

According to Variety, Josh Sanders, a gay Christian man, began the petition because he believes the show “promotes the false and dangerous idea that gay people can and should choose to be straight in order to be part of their faith communities.” Those opposing the show believe that it promotes a sense that being homosexual is a choice and one that should be suppressed for religion. The petition claims that the show can have “horrific consequences” to the LGBT community.

“TV viewers need to know the horrific consequences of trying to change who you are. Instead, TLC is presenting victims’ lives as entertainment, while sending the message that being gay is something that can and ought to be changed, or that you should reject your sexual orientation by marrying someone of the opposite sex.”

GLAAD, a gay and lesbian support organization, has also condemned the series claiming, “This show is downright irresponsible.” GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis says it is “dangerous programming.”

“No one can change who they love, and, more importantly, no one should have to. By investing in this dangerous programming, TLC is putting countless young LGBT people in harm’s way.”

Though many in the LGBT community are in an uproar over the notion of “gay” men marrying women and changing who they are, not all agree. Tim Rymel, an author and LBGT advocate, says he fully supports the show. Rymel told The Good Men Project that the program will help “remove the labels” of sexuality and gender stereotypes. Rymel goes so far as to say the show portrays accurately the fluidity of a human’s sexuality.

“People can be romantically attracted to one gender, sexually attracted to another gender, or even asexual, not sexually attracted to anyone.”

By condemning the show, Rymel essentially thinks we are continuing to place people into unneeded boxes of sexuality. Rymel says that My Husband’s Not Gay will do two things that are positive and important.

TLC‘s show does two things: It stretches the boundaries of sexual orientation labels and it brings attention to the plight of people trying to reconcile their lives with their religion.”

Check out preview below of the TLC special My Husband’s Not Gay and let us know what you think. Is the programming dangerous to the LGBT community?

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