Weight Watchers: ‘My Butt’ YouTube Commercial Gets 2.2M Views [Video]

Weight Watchers is getting more and more creative with their ads, and the latest Weight Watchers ‘My Butt’ YouTube commercial is no exception, seeing as though YouTube reports the video as having received 2,230,348 views as of this writing for the video that was published to the Weight Watchers YouTube channel on December 26, 2014.

The Weight Watchers ‘My Butt’ commercial also currently sits as the third most-viewed YouTube video in the past 24 hours (uploaded within the past 28 days) on the YouTube Trends Dashboard, proving its popularity among viewers who can’t help but to click on that intriguing title that Weight Watchers has given the video, along with the screenshot of an ample woman’s behind that tracks the journey of changes that arse has seen since her birth, throughout her childhood, teenage years and beyond.

“This is my butt. My butt and I came into this world together. We were a great team then we grew up and things weren’t as easy. I got my butt a job, a gym membership and a boyfriend, but when my life went in one direction, my butt would go in another.”

Throughout the excellent promo, Weight Watchers displays the woman’s butt being zipped up in a wedding dress, then working out on an elliptical machine and “getting the magic back” in her butt by making it smaller as it appears in the next frame sitting on an exercise ball.

“We could get the magic back for a little while, but after 12 years, seven diets and six sizes, I finally realized that my relationship with my butt had nothing to do with my butt and everything to do with my brain.”

Finally, viewers get to see the woman’s face as the butt-mind connection is made and her Weight Watchers diet plan – one of the most successful diet plans, reports the Inquisitr – shows her chomping on an apple.

“Everyone has a butt. And every butt has a story. This is one.”

The Weight Watchers “My Butt” commercial has received many more views than their also appealing ?Weight Watchers, “If You’re Happy”? YouTube video, which was posted one month ago and has received 274,752 views, according to the Weight Watchers YouTube channel. That video ad focuses on emotional eating.

USA Today hails the Weight Watchers ad, reporting that butts are in for 2015, and U.S. News & World Report calls Weight Watchers the number one diet for weight loss.

[Image via Weight Watchers “My Butt” YouTube ad]

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