WWE News: Vince McMahon Said To Be Jealous Of WWE NXT’s Success, Already Downing NXT Stars

In what can already be considered a horrific problem on WWE’s end, it seems that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is not a happy camper these days. Interestingly enough, he is not happy with his own property. As everyone knows by now, WWE gave us a great show in WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution back in November. This was after Vince McMahon himself said that the talent of today lacked pride and drive as compared to the Attitude Era.

So the NXT stars rose to the challenge, showed Vince how wrong he was and put on a show that was considered by most as the best WWE PPV in quite some time. Vince certainly appreciated the good reviews, but knowing his controlling personality and huge ego, he probably wasn’t thrilled that the outstanding wrestling show of 2014 came from NXT.

Knowledgeable wrestling fans may not be surprised to hear that Vince, in his infinite wisdom, is not happy with his NXT product. In fact, Daily Wrestling News is reporting that Vince is ticked that the main roster isn’t favored over the developmental system. In the long run, this may be another example of Vince’s baffling tendency to hold back the growth of the company he took to the pinnacle of success.

Sources are saying that Vince is “very grumpy” lately due to all of this. Vince, in his jealousy of how well the Triple H run NXT is doing in comparison to the main roster shows, is already souring on NXT talent. He has called many overrated. He has dismissed NXT’s successes and feels that it is not as good as fans are making it out to be.

The whole concept behind NXT is to get young talent ready to be part of WWE’s main roster. However, the people on NXT are trained performers that WWE can make money off of immediately. NXT is one of the biggest reasons to get the WWE Network in fact.

NXT R Evolution

WWE decided to bring NXT to the Network as a weekly show with live specials that would give fans a product worthy of subscribing for. It was a good concept, but something that Triple H was set to run. In fact, all things related to talent are run through Triple H. From Performance Center material to what we see on NXT, the hard work and success starts with The Game, who motivates his future superstars to go for the gold.

There is jealousy from Vince, but there is also discontent from the main roster. Many of them don’t understand why they can’t do similar things on the main roster that we see on NXT programming. We have seen similar stories, it’s just that the NXT guys did them better. Match wise, the NXT guys and girls are doing well. The reason is obvious. WWE is not putting restrictions on them when it comes to taped or live shows. Only on live events would it make sense to put a hold on high risk maneuvers and edgy content.

The opposite happens on the main roster in that many work their best on live events and not on TV. The reason is simply because live events are more wrestling focused, so they are given more time to shine. This also allows talent who we do not see on TV the time to show why they should be there. Sadly, they are the same people squashed on TV, so no one cares for them.

WWE NXT allows for the best possible material on all taped or live specials, which makes everyone look good. The main roster wants to have something similar happen for them, but aren’t getting it due to what Vince McMahon wants. Triple H runs NXT, so there is some resentment toward him in some eyes backstage. Vince does not hate or despise Triple H, but he is not above talking down about the NXT product to boost the image of his main roster.

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