School Buses Collide In Rochester: Driver Dies, Several Children Injured When Buses Collide, One Hits A Tree

School buses collide in Rochester, NY leaving one person dead, and several others injured. According to WHEC Rochester, the bus was bringing children to school Tuesday morning when it clipped another school bus traveling by in the other direction. The first bus ended up crashing into a tree. Photos from the accident showed the bus’ front end crinkled up against the tree. The driver of that bus was pronounced dead at the scene.

As far as what might have happened, there is a chance that the bus driver lost control of the vehicle due to a medical emergency of some kind. A representative with Monroe Transportation believes that something serious happened before the accident. According to Yahoo! News, there is word that the driver had a massive heart attack. An autopsy should confirm this suspicion.

The school buses that collided in Rochester did have students riding on them. It is unclear exactly how many children were injured, but several were taken to a nearby hospital.The extent of their injuries are unknown at this time, and some are said to be worse than others.

“Officials at Strong Memorial Hospital say they’re treating the other driver and eight elementary school students. Information on their injuries hasn’t been released. Earlier reports indicated there were no life-threatening injuries.”

There is still an investigation going on, and the streets are still blocked off at this time.

“I was hoping it was empty, but I heard the kids banging on the windows. I immediately remembered there’s an emergency exit in the back. So I went and opened that and that’s when we saw all the kids and the smoke… [The bus driver] wasn’t responding. The kids were screaming. I obviously had a concern for their parents. The only person I saw that didn’t respond was the bus driver,” said Noe Gonzalez, who stopped to help.

Sadly, this is not the first school bus accident in recent weeks. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a double school bus crash in Knoxville, Tennessee, in early December left three people dead, two of them children. Nearly two dozen people were injured in that crash.

“Two elementary children were killed in the crash along with an adult. The adult who died was not a driver but an aide on the bus.”

There was no word on what might have caused that terrible accident. Whether in the area included bouts of light rain, but there was also mist and fog that could have made visibility tough.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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