O.J. Simpson: LAPD Looking For Stolen Heisman, Has Search Warrant

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly hunting for the 1968 Heisman Trophy, which was awarded to former football star O.J. Simpson.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the LAPD has even obtained a search warrant specifically to search for the Heisman Trophy. With the search warrant, LAPD detectives are now able to obtain phone records of a suspect that they think stole O.J. Simpson’s trophy from the USC Heritage Hall.

According to the report, the display case containing O.J. Simpson’s iconic No. 32 jersey and Heisman Trophy was dismantled and the thief was able to get away with the highly-valued items in his or her possession.

Until November of last year, there was not very much happening with this cold case. However, it was during that month that USC received a phone call that eventually heated things up.

TMZ reports that a man called the university, claiming that he had purchased the 1968 Heisman Trophy from a friend years prior. The man called simply because he wanted to make sure that the trophy was authentic.

The people at USC that looked into the case were able to determine that the caller did have the stolen trophy in his possession. However, the police did not believe the story that the caller gave the school. On the contrary, the police believe that the caller is actually the person that stole the goods initially.

Last month, LAPD detectives were able to go to court and obtain a search warrant to track down the alleged criminal and recover the stolen items.

Even if he is the thief, TMZ reports that he will not have to worry about being prosecuted due to the statute of limitations.

Although the Heisman Trophy was awarded to O.J. Simpson, the stolen trophy did not belong to him. These trophies are awarded in pairs – one trophy is given to the player and the other is given to his school.

O.J. Simpson sold his own Heisman Trophy years ago for $255,500 in order to help pay a multi-million dollar judgment and civil suit debt related to the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

According to the Washington Post, the trophy was purchased by Tom Kriessman in 1999. Kriessman, a small steel company owner, admitted that he made the winning bid to impress a woman that was his girlfriend at the time.

While the LAPD is currently searched for the Heisman Trophy given to USC, the trophy which once belonged to current prison inmate O.J. Simpson is now secured in a bank safety deposit box in Philadelphia.

[Image Credit: ABC News & Washington Post]

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