Raspberry Pi Credit Card Sized Computer Will Handle 1080p Video for $25, Due Out Next Month

Amid all the hype, the product is getting ready to launch. Hardware developers the Raspberry Pi Foundation are making a small credit card sized device that will run Linux, be able to do most “everyday” computing tasks and still run 1080p video for either $25 or $35 dollars.

Don’t get too excited right away, the first generation will be launched with programmers in mind, so if you are just looking for a really cool plug and play device, Frontier Developments’ head David Braben said in an interview with Edge Magazine

“this is a developer board – it’s not a consumer device. The plan is to do that next year.”

The idea is to offer a device that will inspire the imagination of those to whom computers have become the facet of the rich and famous. While it is true that computers have become less and less expensive, it has become increasingly difficult for those looking to develop really cool programs and interactive devices for an affordable base.

Enter Raspberry Pi. Its cost is right on target to make it the cheapest computer out there. The Raspberry Pi contains a 700MHz ARM processor, 128MB or 256MB RAM depending on which configuration you take type A or B, HDMI and RCA video outputs, and SD card storage, with 5V Micro USB connection power source. It’s designed to plug into a TV or any other HDMI type monitor., and you should be able to do most everyday computing tasks from there.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation (the devices maker) says there is really nothing you can’t do with this device that you can do with a simple desktop. The Raspberry Pi can already run things like OpenOffice, Twitter, browse the web, Facebook etc.

The consumer edition should be hitting the market next year, but the current device is a simple credit card sized, uncased board. Looks pretty cool from here.

Are you excited about the launch of Raspberry Pi?

Watch a video of Raspberry Pi!

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