‘I’d Date You If You Were Ten Pounds Lighter’: Taunts Didn’t Stop Meghan Trainor

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Meghan Trainor is size 12 and weighs 175 pounds, about the same as the average U.S. female. So why is it that she’s been called plus-size, and how did she manage to become successful despite cruel taunts? Her family and friends recently spoke to the Daily Mail, revealing that a sense of heartache spurred Meghan to write her hit song “All About That Bass.”

“I consider Meghan to be normal size, but when she was younger she was self-conscious about her body,” dad Gary Trainor said. “She wouldn’t go to pool parties as she didn’t want to be the only girl in a one piece swimsuit when all the others were in a bikini.”

Friend Ashley Symer discussed a pivotal incident that occurred when Meghan was just 13, saying it had a profound effect on her, and more than likely played a part in her writing “All About That Bass.” When Trainor was flirting with a boy at school, he said he would take her out on a date, but only if she lost weight first.

“Meghan was conscious about her size. She wasn’t fat but she was a big girl. This guy she liked said he would take her out, but he said she had to lose ten pounds. She was in tears because it was so hurtful. No girl wants to be told to lose weight. It was really crushing for her.”

Ashley, 20, has known Meghan Trainor since the two were in elementary school together. She said that Trainor tried to diet and lose weight, but no matter how hard she tried, Meghan never was able to attain a slim figure like those shown in magazines.

“Meghan eventually realized that she didn’t have to bother to lose weight, that she did not have to change. There is so much pressure on young girls to look slim.”

Dad Gary chimed in, “As a family we were not at all concerned about her weight. To us she was a normal size, but in society people are expected to look a certain way.”

Meghan told Radio.com that the success she is enjoying today has much to do with her mom’s positive encouragement.

“She is always telling me, ‘You’re gorgeous,'” Trainor said of her mom, whom she calls her “bestie.”

“Girls just destroy themselves in front of the mirrors, ‘I don’t look as good as everyone else, I can’t wear this,’ but she’s like, ‘You need to stop, you’re gorgeous.’ So I stopped.”

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