‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Luke Situation Escalates, Will Fluke’s Secrets Be Revealed At Last?

Big things are happening to the residents of Port Charles this week on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that viewers may get some key answers regarding the long-running Luke/Fluke saga, and there will be some big decisions made and family secrets revealed. What can fans expect to see happen during the week of January 5?

According to the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny will find out from Morgan that he is the father of Ava’s baby. Sonny will question the arrival of a new prisoner, and he will be unsettled by what Johnny plans to do regarding the mob.

Johnny will have a chat with Nathan and Dante, and Ava names her baby as she prepares to head to Pentonville. Alexis and Ned will discuss their relationship, and viewers will see an awkward encounter between them.

Also ahead this week, Olivia will confess to Carly that she tried to make Ned jealous, and Tracy will call him out on having feelings for Olivia. This week, Liz will continue to connect with Jake, and he will tell her about his memory flashes. Carly will tell him that perhaps he should get some counseling.

As for Luke and Fluke, there will be a visit between the two, while Fluke reaches out for help regarding a problem. Based on the General Hospital spoilers available from She Knows Soaps, it seems this request for help may involve Carlos. Luke has a theory about who is holding him captive, and Fluke will have his plans foiled by Tracy. It seems he’ll try to cover up his rage regarding this, but will she catch on?

Additional General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam and Nikolas will talk about Jake, and Nik will walk in on Helena as she’s having a private conversation. It seems that the pieces may soon come together to reveal the truth about Jake’s identity.

During the week of January 5, Michael will tell Bobbie that he would like to create the AJ Quartermaine Clinic from her childhood home. He will bring Ned into his plans, and when Bobbie takes Michael to the home, she accidentally shares information regarding a family secret with him. Also this week, Lulu will cross paths with someone from her past.

What is the truth about Fluke’s identity? When will Jake, played by Billy Miller, be revealed to everybody in Port Charles that he is really Jason Morgan? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to find out.

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