Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions: Are They Anything Like Yours?

Celebs are just like the rest of us, making New Year’s resolutions with the best possible intentions.

The question is, are the resolutions celebrities make on New Year’s Eve anything like the ones the rest of us make? Here are some of the best from around the web. Check them out and see how your own plans for making 2015 your best year ever compare.

Not get arrested: According to The Hollywood Gossip, Justin Bieber’s plan for 2015 is to “not get arrested a single time.” Sounds like a solid plan, and one most of us shouldn’t have trouble with.

Eat less carbs: Just before stepping out of her mansion and beginning life as an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, Teresa Giudice resolved to eat fewer carbs in 2015. As New Year’s resolutions go, eating better is a common goal. Will Teresa succeed? That remains to be seen as prison food isn’t known to be the greatest.

Take better care of myself: On New Year’s eve, Iggy Azalea tweeted her resolution:

“I’m gonna make more of an effort to take care of myself in 2015, stay away from all the drama & hopefully not have any flare ups.”

Learn to speak a second language: Nick Jonas shared his New Year’s resolution with Gossip Cop: “My New Year’s resolution this year is to learn how to speak Spanish. That’s a big goal, so we will see if I get to that. Un poquito?”

Be better organized: Even celebs have messes to clean up. Katie Couric told Page Six she plans to be “less messy so I don’t make my husband crazy.”

Find love: Ryan Seacrest is hoping to find a soulmate for himself, plus one for his dog Ginger. He told USA Today that the process might be tough.

“There’s a lot of work I’ve got to do. I know because I’ve lived with me.”

Curse less: According to The International Business Times, Former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said one of his New Year’s resolutions is to swear less than he did back in 2014.

Be healthier in lots of ways: According to Page Six, Elizabeth Hurley’s plans are big ones.

“Every year, top of my list of New Year’s resolutions is eat more healthy, more exercise, and go to bed early.”

Don’t change a thing: Gossip Cop says Nicole Richie isn’t going to change a thing. “New Year’s resolutions? I mean, there is just nothing wrong with me! I don’t know!”

How do your New Year’s resolutions compare with your favorite celebrity’s? Speak up in the comments and don’t be afraid to make some changes if you feel as though your resolutions for this New Year’s first few days don’t quite measure up.

Justin Bieber arrest image via eonline.com

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