Daisy De La Hoya Reveals Drug-Fueled Past, Admits To Suicide Attempt

Daisy De La Hoya struggled with drug use and suicidal thoughts in the years after starring on VH1’s reality series, Rock of Love.

In a new interview, the reality star and singer opened up about her issues.

“After Daisy of Love ended in 2009, my life sort of spiraled out of control,” De La Hoya told Radar Online on January 5. “At my worst I was doing heroin, crystal meth, coke, pills, booze and anything that I could get my hands on all at once.

According to De La Hoya, she began using drugs after heartbreak.

“Those things came about through having a broken heart and wanting to take away the pain,” says De La Hoya. “What a better way to do it than with drugs and alcohol?”

After appearing on Brett Michaels’ Rock of Love season two, Daisy De La Hoya received her own spinoff, Daisy of Love, where she met and fell in love with a man named London. De La Hoya later confirmed they split, alleging he lied to her and used her for fame.

“It was really bad because everything was always readily available and free for me.”

Although De La Hoya denied using drugs while filming her reality shows, she began using soon after and eventually felt trapped by addiction.

“On top of using drugs, I also have attempted suicide many times in my life,” De La Hoya admitted. “I was in a really dark, horrible place and eventually had to make the decision to live a healthy life that had meaning and purpose.”

After going to rehab in 2012, De La Hoya got to a better place.

“First, I had to learn to love myself and those dark points in my life made me so much stronger,” she said. “I do not have the desire to kill myself anymore, thank god. I’m not saying that I am perfect. I have that wild streak in me, but I have grown out of the self-destructive behavior.”

Following Corey Haim’s overdose in 2010 as reported by the Inquisitr, De La Hoya spoke out, claiming she couldn’t believe the actor would have intentionally taken too many drugs.

“Corey was looking forward to the future, he was making plans,” she told Radar Online. “He had a movie coming up and he was talking about directing, I can’t believe he would of done this on purpose, it had to be an accident.”

Daisy De La Hoya told the site she and Haim were getting to know each other prior to his death after being introduced by mutual friend Corey Feldman.

“Corey Feldman had been saying to me for ages that I had to meet Corey Haim, he said we were totally kindred spirits and that we would really hit it off. Eventually we did meet and he was right. We just connected straight away, we had an automatic connection. I recognized that he was a lost soul, we had the same behavior patterns, we had a lot in common.”

Daisy De La Hoya has been sober for nearly two years and will soon begin touring with her band, Rock Star Electra.

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