Tara Reid Posts Almost Fully Nude Pic On Instagram To Celebrate New Year’s

Actress Tara Reid decided to begin 2015 in a big way, and she did it with very little else. While on vacation in Tulum, Mexico, Reid posted a pic to Instagram to wish everyone a “Happy New Year.” She must have been confused on the days since she did it in her birthday suit.

She obviously isn’t too shy or feeling bad about her body as she had no problem exposing as much of her as possible without showing too much. Tara Reid just had a big smile on her face, and her arms covered up the parts of her body that would make the pic a little too much for even Instagram.

Fox News reported that the 39-year-old actress had been posting pics for a few days while in Mexico. And an uncensored look at Reid in the hammock can be seen here, if you so choose to view a little bit more.

Now, the picture of her nude in the hammock is one thing, but her other recent photos on Instagram are just as weird.

Tara Reid posted a few pictures of herself underwater and swimming around. Sure, they seem quite simple, but she referred to herself repeatedly as a “Tarafish” and told her followers to “catch me if you can.”

Tara Reid tarafish

US Magazine did say that the Sharknado 3 actress looked very happy and relaxed as she vacationed in Mexico. She did a lot during her vacation and even headed into some caves so she could see them.

The following pic was posted on January 1 and captioned, “Caves are so beautiful in Tulum. I love it. Wish you were all here with me.”

Tara Reid posted a lot of photos and information online during her time in Mexico for her New Year celebration. She even spoke of her boyfriend, who was not identified, but she had previously been attached to DJ Erez Eisen within the last few months.

“My amazing boyfriend who I adore. Thank you for making my New Years. You are wonderful.”

While it appears as if Tara Reid was having fun on her little excursion, the pictures are also causing a bit of controversy.

According to E! Online, people are beginning to accuse her of photoshopping the pictures to make herself look skinnier. Accusers say her waistline looks too small, and the photos were digitally altered so she could be smaller when they were posted.

Tara Reid has yet to comment on the accusations, but maybe she is still off in Mexico enjoying herself and thinking of what other semi-nude pics she can post. She’s spoken on her weight loss and gain before, but she seems to be happy and doing just fine now.

[Image via Instagram]

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