‘Harry Potter’ Star Visits Flint Area – Media Goes Wild

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was spotted in Flint, Michigan during the holiday season, says MLive. The vital question of all the comments on social media is – why would Harry Potter take the time to visit the Flint area?

There were many debates on Reddit and Twitter (under hash tag #danielradcliffe) since he was spotted at a Bob Evans restaurant on Hill Road wearing Flint City T-Shirts.

Under the thread, “This guy was hanging out at a Bob Evans in Flint, MI,” an alleged picture of Harry Potter star at the restaurant was posted. Reddit user THANE_OF_ANN_ARBOR wondered about the wizard’s visit to Flint.

“Not just Michigan, but Flint, Michigan. Why? What is there to do in Flint?” he questioned.

“Out of all the things Daniel Radcliffe could do in Flint, he chooses to go to Bob Evans. #Why,” asked Twitter user named @chelseakeith83.

“Daniel Radcliffe was in Flint today. At Bob Evans. Must have messed up that floo powder again. Silly wizard,” Twitter user @MollTron said, making reference to a powder that allows wizards to travel between destinations within a magical network in the series of books and movies about Harry Potter.

Some users came to defend Flint from the internet horde questioning “What is ‘Harry Potter’ doing in Flint?”

“Downtown has been doing much better the last 5-6 years,” one Reddit user said.

“I agree. There have been some nice additions. It was nice to get The Local back as well. Played there a handful of times, and it’s nice to see some of livelihood come back to the area,” user FearofaRoundPlanet added in the same thread.

Some folks speculate the reason for the Harry Potter star’s visit is due the fact that Erin Darke, Radcliffe’s reported girlfriend, is from the Flint area. She took part in Youth Theater in Flint and earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Michigan-Flint.

“So since daniel radcliffe is engaged to a girl that goes to UofM flint does that make UofM flint hogwarts? #HarryPotter #hagrid4prez2016,” @the200dollarman wrote on Twitter in reference to the Hogwards – the Wizarding School in the book and movie series.

“I really really really want to drive to Grand Blanc right now. This may be the closest that I ever get to Daniel Radcliffe,” said @holidayberries, suggesting a desire to hit the road and track down the Harry Potter star like many other users.

“Making the conscious decision to bail on my NYE plans to go to Flint and find Daniel Radcliffe,” decided @amelia_pas.

“Honestly so tempted to drive to Flint and look for Daniel Radcliffe,” said Twitter user @Tyler_N_Thayer.

Beware Harry Potter is all I can say because the fans are coming to get you! Good luck Daniel, Happy New Year and… run!

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