‘Gone Girl’ Shooting Location Becomes A Real Restaurant

Remember “The Bar,” owned by Ben Affleck’s character, Nick Dunne and twin sister Margo in the film Gone Girl? That shooting location has now officially become a restaurant and its owners are hoping to cash in on the fame of the popular thriller.

During the movie Gone Girl, viewers often saw Ben Affleck’s character, Nick, hunched over the counter in “The Bar,” bemoaning his fate to his twin sister, Margo. The building that housed the set is located in Cape Girardeau, Mo. and was originally a catering business.

According to the Southeast Missourian, the building was transformed to become a major part of the set of Gone Girl, the recent thriller adapted by Gillian Flynn from her 2012 novel of the same name. The movie is the story of a husband under suspicion of murdering his wife after she mysteriously disappears, leaving several clues behind.

KSDK reports it was originally hoped to open “The Bar” in October, in order to coincide with the release of the movie, but renovations were not complete at that stage. Owned by Old Town Cape Dining LLC, the restaurant will have no official affiliation with the movie Gone Girl or with the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, but Laura Jones, the marketing director of the company, hopes “The Bar” will become a nostalgic place for locals to get together.

Jones is looking forward to residents sharing their own personal memories and experiences of the making of the movie, as well as photos taken during the filming, thereby making the restaurant also a popular draw for visitors coming from outside the area.

According to Jones, they have kept some of the set dressings, along with the logo on the outside wall after hearing talk in the town that this would attract visitors and tourism to the area. Apparently the restaurant can seat up to 75 people.

In the meantime, the film itself is drawing a lot of attention, with Rotten Tomatoes calling it “dark, intelligent, and stylish to a fault.” They also remark that the film’s director, David Fincher, has brought out the best in both the leading stars Affleck and Rosamund Pike, as his wife Amy.

The film garnered four Golden Globe Award nominations, including “Best Actress – Drama” for Pike and “Best Director” for Fincher, making Gone Girl a popular film in theaters. The Inquisitr noted recently that Gone Girl is charging ahead in the race for the 87th Academy Awards and that nominations are due to be announced on January 15, 2015.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube preview of Gone Girl]

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