‘Doctor Who’ TARDIS Time Machine Built In Front Yard Has HOA Up In Arms

A Doctor Who TARDIS time machine that was built in the front yard of David Moder’s house has the home owner’s association wanting to call in one of those nasty galactic villains that tends to plague the various doctors of the famous TV show series.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when Russian astronauts on the International Space Station recently found actual life in space, no one was sure how these living creatures called tardigrades managed to get up to the ISS. One thing we do know for sure is that the scientists have a sense of humor, since they named the research project for these mysterious creatures the TARDIS.

The TARDIS sitting on the driveway of the Moder family home is not a mystery at all, since it sticks out quite noticeably with its blue police box sign and the light on top. Unfortunately, the HOA noticed, and they sent a threatening letter.

“It struck me as very, very funny,” said Moder. “It was like it was just a very formal letter, and I was like, what a nerdy problem to have like to get a letter saying your TARDIS is in violation.”

Moder says he and his wife had a Doctor Who-themed wedding featuring the big blue TARDIS, and they have even had neighbors over to watch Doctor Who episodes using a projector. Unfortunately, Moder was only given a few more days to send his TARDIS packing but he’s already thinking of handy excuses.

“I maintain this is actually just a mode of transportation therefore it should be allowed to be in my driveway,” Moder said as a joke. “You know I think a few people are saying rules are rules and you have to follow the rules which I get.”

Doctor Who fans have been dropping in to see the TARDIS time machine in person, before it disappears into the universe.

“It’s a really cool replica,” said Greg Plantamura, according to News 13. “It’s actual size it looks just like the one on TV so it’s really a thrill for the fans to see it.”

Fortunately, this Doctor Who TARDIS will not end up on the scrap heap. It will make the epic leap of teleporting… to the back yard where, presumably, the home owner’s association will not raise a fuss.

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