iPhone 6 ‘The Price Is Right’ Bid: $7,500, Two Contestants Guess [Video]

Apple is known for it’s electronics with hefty price tags, but on an episode of The Price Is Right, the price bid for an iPhone 6’s retail value even made host Drew Carey cringe.

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Not one, but two contestants bid that an iPhone 6 was worth over $7,000.

For those who have never seen the show before, contestants on The Price Is Right are asked to guess the actual retail price of a particular prize. The person who comes the closest without going over gets to come onstage and try to win even more prizes. But when two contestants on the New Year’s Day special were asked to guess the price of a 16GB iPhone 6 and calling/data plan, they seemingly ignored the “without going over” part.

The first Price Is Right contestant, named Yorkouincia, bid a whopping $7,500 for this new iPhone 6. Not to be outdone, the player next to her, Mark, guessed that it cost $7,501.

The third was a little more sanguine: $850. The last lady suggested $930.

The look on Drew Carey’s face says it all. Before announcing the right price Carey mused, “I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this.”

The right price for the iPhone 6 was $1,969. Which still seems pretty steep, but it is for a one-year cellphone plan plus the phone.

Apple’s website lists an unlocked 16gb iPhone 6 for $649 before tax. But being that an iPhone 6 can be easily had for much less than $200 with a contract, it would make for the expensive monthly plan cost of about $150 a month. It would seem that even The Price is Right’s estimates are a little high for the iPhone.

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