PS Vita receives second firmware update since launch

Good news and bad news for those of you who managed to import a PlayStation Vita. The first PlayStation Vita firmware update hit the very same day that the handheld launched in Japan, and now Sony has rolled out the second firmware update – problem is, it doesn’t fix any of the major issues users have been reporting.

Instead, PlayStation Vita firmware update 1.510 aims to fix issues with Dynasty Warriors Next, one of the PS Vita’s launch titles in Japan. It’s entirely possible that the firmware update includes a few fixes that Sony didn’t include in the patch notes, but we’re unable to confirm at the moment what else, if anything, was fixed.

If they did add in a few stealth fixes in the firmware update, it wouldn’t be surprising. Sony denied many of the issues many early adopters have been reporting, including unresponsive touchscreens and freezes during gameplay, idling, or even while trying to update the handheld to the day-one firmware update.

While the issues don’t appear to be widespread, it does appear that at least some of the units are faulty. Several videos have popped up on YouTube since the PlayStation Vita’s launch that clearly show that something is wrong with at least some of the units. You can find one such video below that shows both the unresponsive touchscreen and the random freezing.

Image and story via Engadget

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