Dallas Cowboys Safety Barry Church Admits The Refs Got It Wrong

Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church was one of the many voices online admitting that referees handed the NFC Wild Card game to “America’s team” on Sunday.

The pass interference call heard ’round the world would have placed Detroit deep in Dallas territory with a three-point lead and a first down.

Referees initially called the penalty, a move that most analysts agreed with. From there, Dez Bryant ran onto the field and started arguing the case that his teammate, linebacker Anthony Hitchens, who had his back turned to the ball and his hands on the receiver, had not committed pass interference.

The referees then, without explanation and after having announced the PI, pulled the flag and waived the penalty.

That was a new one for most of us who’ve been watching and playing football for years, including those whom it benefitted.

Namely Barry Church.

Legendary Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy also couldn’t figure out what the refs were thinking.

Brandon Pettigrew, victim of the pass interference non-call, said he “didn’t get an explanation,” and called the move “ridiculous.”

Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell echoed that response.

“They didn’t give me a good enough explanation.”

Most [non-Dallas] fans are of the belief that had the call stood, Dallas would not be traveling to Green Bay for the next round of the playoffs, but at this point, there’s no undoing it.

Many fans are now claiming that the NFL allowed this to happen as a result of wanting to “fix” a GB-Dallas standoff, since the two teams have a richer tradition and it could make for more viewers. Here are just a few of the comments circulating on sites like Business Insider.

“The league wanted a Green Bay / Dallas game next week. No explanation….”

“I have no idea if the call was good or bad, but saying that the NFL wanted Dallas/GB is obvious. The NFL is not a sport – it’s a lucrative entertainment business, and by that measure, nobody plays the “game” better than Dallas.”

“If the NBA has corrupt referees, why not the NFL?”

“There should be a penalty for the officials. They should be barred from off season officiating. I am not a fan of either team, but this is ridiculously biased.”

Looks like Barry Church isn’t alone in his thoughts. But what do you think, readers? Was that a blown call, and is it the only reason Dallas is advancing? Sound off in our comments section.

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