Teresa Giudice Prison Sentence Already Taking A Toll On Her Children? Gia’s ‘Worrisome’ Tweet Speaks Volumes

Teresa Giudice may have lied to her children about where she’ll be over the next 15 months, but that doesn’t mean all of her children are in the dark about their legal woes. Her oldest daughter definitely isn’t believing the work-related excuse. Her oldest daughter, Gia, recently took to Twitter with a “worrisome” tweet that may indicate things aren’t as calm and happy as Teresa has tried to make it all seem, reports Radar Online.

On Saturday, the 13-year-old tweeted, “can’t sleep, to much stuff on my mind.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but of course, several media outlets caught the cryptic message before it was removed. Although she didn’t go into detail about her current issues, it’s probably safe to say that Gia’s worries are a result of her mother’s pending prison sentence.

For those who don’t know, Teresa is scheduled to start a 15-month prison sentence for her involvement in the highly publicized fraud case. She and her husband, Joe, are scheduled to serve prison sentences, but luckily they won’t be serving time simultaneously. Unfortunately, Teresa will have to leave their four children first.

While her younger daughters may not be aware of the magnitude that will change their lives in the days to come, Gia is very much aware. Over the past couple weeks, Gia has shared a number of pictures of her parents capturing the memorable holiday moments they won’t have next year. Although Joe will be home with the girls, several media outlets have reported that Teresa is “absolutely terrified” about Joe not being able to take care of the girls alone. Since sources close to the couple say that their “happy home” is mostly a result of Teresa’s domesticated input, she fears Joe won’t be able to handle everything.

“Teresa’s panicking,” a family friend of Teresa’s told Us Weekly. “She’s worried about her parents dying, her husband cheating and leaving her girls.”

Do you think Joe will be able to handle the children without Teresa? Share your thoughts.

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