International CES 2015 To Highlight ‘The Internet Of Things’

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to open to the media Monday and to the public on Tuesday, and along with the usual new TV, computer, and smartphone models, vendors will be introducing devices for the new trend in consumer electronics — “The Internet of Things.”

The event, held in Las Vegas, occupies two million square feet of exhibition space, and more than 3,500 vendors will be converging on Sin City to exhibit their wares for CES 2015.

While many are saying that CES isn’t as interesting as it was in the past, with most vendors just introducing new versions of old devices or clunky, unaffordable products, such as virtual-reality headsets, the New York Times says that could change for 2015.

The Internet of Things refers to the concept of connected devices controlled with a consumer-friendly hub, such as a smartphone app, and it is the hottest new trend in electronics. Many companies plan to introduce products at CES 2015 that will bring the Internet of Things into the home, and they are betting on consumers to make them the next big thing.

Devices to be introduced at the event this year include a Wi-Fi-connected ceiling fan, automated door locks, light switches and LED bulbs. Two companies will be introducing wristbands – the Reemo and the Myo — that allow their users to control video games, phones, and other devices in the home with the wave of their arm or a hand guesture.

Other devices are targeted to niche markets, such as Tagg’s GPS-enabled pet trackers and Hexoskin’s workout clothing that allows trainers to monitor athletes from a distance, even as far away as other countries. Under Armour will be exhibiting smart sports clothing also.

Connected cars are expected to generate a lot of interest at CES this year too. According to the Independent, keynote speakers from major auto companies will be discussing technologies such as self-driving cars and Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay car entertainment systems.

Security experts have expressed concern that all of the connected devices in the Internet of Things could open new opportunities for hackers, who could gain access to personal information or homes through smart TVs, security systems, and even baby monitors. To address those concerns, connected security devices will also be a big part CES 2015, with more than 70 companies exhibiting in a personal privacy and security marketplace.

The show’s organizers are excited about all the new products and believe that they will make the show a bit more exciting for those attending CES 2015 also.

“With all these connected devices, you get an entire spectrum of technology,” said Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. “It’s a much more future-oriented show.”

Other devices expected to be popular at CES 2015 are smart watches, robots, and 3-D printers — which earlier Inquistr articles report are being used to create everything from auto parts to human blood vessels.

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