Jamie Dornan On Why ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Is Not Sexist

Jamie Dornan is set to play Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Critics have attacked the BDSM storyline as being misogynistic for depicting a woman in a submissive relationship to a man. Dornan disagrees, explaining that men are far more likely to be submissive in a relationship.

Fifty Shades of Grey tells the story of a woman, Anastasia Steele, who falls into a submissive relationship with a troubled but successful businessman, Christian Grey. The erotic romance novel grew into a best-selling trilogy, and in February, a feature film.

Although readers have been primarily women, several critics have panned the book as anti-feminist. The future Mr. Grey, Jamie Dornan, explained his feelings to Elle UK.

“I can understand why people say tying a woman up and spanking her is misogynistic. But actually, more men are submissives than women. Very powerful men. It’s a far bigger scene than I imagined.”

He added, “In pretty much any city in the world that you could name, people want to get spanked with a paddle with studs on it.”

Dornan did his research for his role in Fifty Shades. He went to real-life sex dungeons to better understand the Christian Grey lifestyle. He says they gave him a beer and proceeded to do what they wanted to do.

“I was like: ‘Come on guys I know I’m not paying for this but I am expecting a show.’ It was an interesting evening. Then going back to my wife and newborn baby afterwards… I had a long shower before touching either of them.”

While the film will feature plenty of sex, Dornan went on to explain that Fifty Shades of Grey will be much more than that.

“I mean, we are going to tell a love story, you know, it can’t just be what happens in the Red Room, that’s not a film.”

According to People Magazine, Fifty Shades of Grey originated as a fan-fiction of the popular Twilight book trilogy.

Ironically, Dornan also plays psychopath Paul Spector in the BBC series The Fall. Although Christian Grey and Spector both tie women to beds, Dornan makes a special note to say billionaire Grey and serial killer Spector are very different characters.

He added, “I’d be really upset if people think that I’m giving the same performance twice.”

Fifty Shades of Grey will be in movie theaters starting February 13, perfectly timed for Valentines Day.

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