Disney Visitor Gets Owned By Costumed Gaston Character In Push-Up Contest [Video]

One Disney visitor learned the hard way that you should never challenge the “strongest man in town” to a push-up contest, even if he is just an actor.

Disney is known as being the “happiest place on earth.” However, for one Disney visitor, it appears he would leave the park with his head bowed in shame. In a video uploaded to YouTube, you can see a man challenge a costumed Gaston character in the park to a push-up contest. What follows is a true testament to exactly how much effort is put in by Disney to give characters an “authentic” feel in the parks. It appears that Gaston can not only talk-the-talk but also walk-the-walk when it comes to portraying the Disney strongman and minor villain from Beauty and the Beast.

The visitor says they would like to challenge Gaston to a push-up contest and Gaston happily obliges. However, he does so only after being offered a “prize” in form of one of the ladies in the audience. He quickly dismisses his need for the woman though if she can’t “cook or clean.”

When the pair begin the competition it was apparent that Gaston was in it to win it. In fact, as his competitor began to slow down, Gaston shows off some impressive moves by doing a few one-handed push-ups and even places on hand on his hip.

This isn’t the first time that Gaston has become an internet sensation. One little girl challenged Gaston about his status as the best man in town when she notes that “the beast is going to beat you.” The cute exchange was also caught on video and quickly went viral.

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