‘Far Cry 4’ Player Ninjas His Way Through 24 Enemies In Two Minutes

Far Cry 4 has been out for a couple of months now and the game is still going plenty strong. Named as one of the best games of 2014, Far Cry 4 has arguably only been getting better, especially for the PC with a number of bug fixes and updates. As more people take on the villains of Kyrat, some are able to set themselves apart from the crowd.

One Far Cry 4 player and YouTuber, who goes by the name of Frank Zappa, recently showed off his Far Cry 4 skills by going all ninja on 24 enemies in just a two-minute span. As Kotaku points out, the video posted shows the YouTuber going through De Pleur’s fortress in Far Cry 4 as though he was a buzz saw cutting through a dead tree.

The way the player was able to cut through the number of people in the headquarters was impressive because he was dispatching Far Cry 4 baddies by throwing knives and moving rather quickly. It was almost as if the man had done this scene before. He probably had, but that doesn’t make this Far Cry 4 video any less impressive because he still had to do it again.

This particular player loves to do this kind of run, as he has dubbed himself the Ninja of Kyrat and has actually posted quite a few videos in this regard. These kinds of kills are always fun to watch because you want to be able to do the same thing at some point. A game like this has plenty of violence to take advantage of, but it can be hard to run through as many enemies as Zappa did in that short amount of time.

As Kotaku also points out, it is fun to think this is the real Frank Zappa and he just loves taking on the forces of Pagan Min in new and deadly ways.

The YouTuber’s channel also shows this guy isn’t always as deadly as he was in the first video. There is another video he just recently posted that includes a montage of ways in which the “Ninja of Kyrat” has failed in Far Cry 4 over and over and over again. Everyone is apparently human in Kyrat, and even if you are indeed a ninja, you aren’t going to be perfect. That’s a little bit of advice to take away as you attempt to topple the Far Cry 4 killing fields that this ninja provided.

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