Teresa Giudice Heads To Jail: From ‘Real Housewives’ To Jail Bird, What Can Teresa Expect Behind Bars?

Teresa Giudice is set to begin her 15-month prison sentence, and today may be one of the hardest days of her life. After saying goodbye to her family and friends, Teresa will spend the next several weeks adjusting to life behind bars, and she’s in for quite a few changes. According to Radar Online, Teresa will be in a minimum security prison, but that doesn’t mean she’s taking a trip to the Four Seasons.

“The clothing and the shoes have usually been worn before. She might be able to keep her own bra, but only if it isn’t underwire,” explained Beatrice Codianni, who spent 15 years at Danbury in Connecticut. “Teresa will be told when to get up, when to sleep, when she can shower and when she can eat,” Codianni added.

Teresa Giudice may also have a very Orange Is The New Black experience when it comes to the other inmates. Codianni says that Teresa is going to be tested in prison, and that the other inmates may try to push her buttons. While she may be able to make some acquaintances, she might have a difficult time getting along with people.

“Fellow inmates and the staff look down on white-collar people because they feel that they had every advantage and blew ’em. And if other inmates offer her snacks or other items, she should be prepared to repay them or pay it forward. She may be tested by other inmates because of her notoriety, more in the way of snide remarks than threats. The staff will probably warn her not to let anyone get to her. Whatever Teresa does, she can’t lose control and get into a physical altercation with anyone.”

Teresa Giudice has used her last few days of freedom wisely, making sure she’s around her daughters, and her immediate family as much as possible. According to People Magazine, Teresa spent Christmas eve, Christmas, and New Years with her children. Her oldest daughter, Gia, 13, posted a few photos online, clearly trying to make as many memories as possible before Teresa goes to jail.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa’s two oldest girls, Gia and Gabriella, 10, know where their mom is going and why. The two younger girls, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4, have supposedly been told that Teresa is going away to work on a book. Of course the four girls are going to have the hardest time without their mom in 2015, but they are lucky to have their dad, Joe, home with them for some level of normalcy and stability.

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]

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