LEGO ‘Psycho’: Fan Recreates Infamous Shower Scene From Horror Film, And It’s Perfect

One of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history is the shower scene from Psycho. It’s one that many have tried to duplicate, but could never quite do it with the same effect. Well, someone has managed to come close and they’ve been able to do it by using one of the greatest creations of all time — LEGOs.

Alfred Hitchcock is a legend in the film-making industry and especially the horror/suspense genre. It is obvious that Psycho is one of those movies that will not only go down as one of the best of all time, but also one of the scariest.

Bloody-Disgusting pointed that the “shower scene,” one of the most iconic ever, has been remade and recreated, but it’s been done with LEGOs.

A YouTube user by the name of Bricktease looked to take the famous Psycho shower scene and film it with LEGOs and LEGO people. After watching it, you’ll see that it came out completely and totally perfect.

The original scene with Janet Leigh and her evening filled with cleanliness and godliness was interrupted by a freak with a knife. Leigh used her lungs and belted out the scream of all screams and learned not to trust an awkward young man and his elderly mother.

As The Awesomer said, the “tension is just as palpable as it was in the original movie.”

If you’ve somehow never seen Psycho, or simply want to see how close the LEGOs version is to the original, Bricktease went a step further. He did a side-by-side comparison with the original scene and then his LEGO version and it’s genius.

The accuracy is quite insane

The LEGO recreation of Psycho is not the only thing that has been done by Bricktease as his YouTube channel shows. He’s done a number of original content pieces, but has also recreated scenes from other films such as Casino Royale, The Blues Brothers, The Beach, and End of Days.

He also does some LEGO set reviews and such. It’s clearly evident that the guy is really and truly into LEGOs, and he has every right to be as his craft is top notch.

For those that have never seen Psycho, this clip does not ruin things for you as the shower scene is just one small part of Hitchcock’s masterpiece. The LEGOs do add a nice touch with some friendly smiles, but do yourself a favor and watch one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

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