‘The Voice’ Contestant Judith Hill Didn’t Record ‘Love Letter’ To Kim Jong Un [Update]

Update: the Inquisitr’s editors are in receipt of a clarificatory email from Judith Hill’s representative.

“Franco” was written and recorded by Judith Hill and Isa Machine in March 2014. The song is/was meant to be released on Judith’s debut record, which will come out this year (2015). In October, Sony Music asked for a parody version of the song to include in or with the film. This association never happened and the parody version of the song was shelved.

The email, which includes additional information supporting the recording timeline, also points to a months-old concert review on pop portal Konbini, which references Hills performance of “Franco” during a set opening for John Legend at Eventim Apollo in London, well before any drama surrounding The Interview transpired. Additionally, Hill’s representative posits that the song’s title was never changed from “Franco” to “A Love Letter to Kim Jong Un,” as suggested in the Page Six piece originally linked below

Original story: Kim Jong Un has accidentally been given almost as much celebrity as his father Kim Jong Il, thanks to Dennis Rodman, The Interview, and an interesting looking game called “Glorious Leader.” In light of the Interview debacle, the North Korean leader has gained a new fan. The Inquisitr has been reporting about the Interview debacle.

Judith Hill has gone much further than her predecessors, and unlike the mockery that imbues the others, her “love letter” seemingly goes in a much different direction.

The former Michael Jackson backup singer and The Voice contestant, according to News.Com.Au, had originally written the song to be a part of the Interview soundtrack, but has opted instead to rewrite it into a “love letter” to Kim Jong Un.

Sadly, besides the fact that the tune or “love letter” to Kim Jong Un is seemingly in poor taste, the lyrical content does not seem to have much thought put into it. Here is a few snippets of “Love Letter To Kim Jong Un” by Judith Hill, reported by TMZ.

“You got me light as a feather. You got me transcending heaven, so don’t be confused, James Franco ain’t got nothing on you.”

Hill, a recently signed Sony singer, continues with a cryptic message that also seems to roast James Franco, but Seth Rogen seems to go unscathed.

“I could wait here 127 hours… it’s true… there’s only Oscar and baby it goes to you.”

In context, the Judith Hill song directing its angst towards James Franco, makes sense. News.Com.Au further reports that the Kim Jong Un’s love letter was originally written as A Love Letter To James Franco. The new version was the result of the Sony email hacking scandal, and the apparent cutting of her original song.

Judith Hill is most notable, beyond her new Kim Jong Un love letter, for being a favorite contestant of Adam Levine’s team on the U.S. version of the Voice and performing with Michael Jackson in the movie This Is It.

The New York Post has suggested that the song was meant to “mediate peace.” Some might argue, however sarcastically, that this would provoke the opposite of peace. If it was meant to be satire, as Gossip And Gag seems to suggest, one might argue she might want to use a hired writer next time. At this time, Judith Hill, a Sony representative, James Franco, or Kim Jong have yet to respond.

So, what are your thoughts? Was this song satire, intentionally meant to offend, or a means of making “peace” with Kim Jong Un?

If it was meant to be a literal “love letter,” would Kim Jon Un accept it?

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