Marvel Releases First Human-Sized Footage Of ‘Ant-Man’ Trailer

The internet let out a collective sigh when Marvel released the ant-sized trailer teaser for its latest film Ant-Man, which is set to come out later this year after Avengers: Age of Ultron. While an insect-sized teaser is all cute and fun, it no doubt left some Marvel fans frustrated and hungry for more — which was obviously one of the points of the teaser.

Fans worldwide spent a great deal of time blowing up the footage and analyzing every pixel on frame, but now we can put a rest to all the guesswork. Having had their chuckles, Marvel was quick to the remedy the situation with an official human-sized edition of the teaser on their YouTube page. Be sure to check out the teaser above if you haven’t already.

Despite the Ant-Man teaser’s human-sized nature, the revelations are still few — of course, that’s to be expected in a 17-second clip. However, there are a couple details within the clip worth noting.

A few months back, Comic Book Movie revealed the logo for Pym Technologies, a fictional company within the Marvel universe owned by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) in the film. The logo is also shown in the teaser on a large building, surrounded by what appears to be a bay of some sort. This company is instrumental in creating Ant-Man’s shrinking abilities in the comic book universe, and will likely play a central role in the film as well.

Pym Technologies
Our first look at Pym Technologies, a fictional company that is instrumental in creating Ant-Man’s namesake superpowers

Lastly, audiences also had a taste of the Ant-Man costume. Sure, we saw a bit of it in the old Ant-Man test footage, as well as in plenty of promo art, but at the tail end of the teaser, we saw the legs of who we can assume is Paul Rudd’s character giving his new suit a test-run. As cool as this is to see in motion, however, it’s only a quick flash before it is gone. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see the whole thing.

Ant-Man suit
The Ant-Man suit in action

So how will the Ant-Man film fare? It’s hard to say now, but at the very least, the teaser’s tone is very much in the vein of a Marvel flick. From the music to the color palette and top-notch visual effects, the film looks to stand solidly beside the first 11 Marvel films. But will it be able to live up to the legacy in terms of story? Ant-Man’s troubled development is no secret. Around six months ago, Edgar Wright, who had been attached to the film for over five years, dropped out due to creative differences with Marvel. Let’s just hope the changes Marvel has made will be for the better.

Did you enjoy the quick teaser, and will you be watching the whole thing on Tuesday? Let us know!

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