Kylie Jenner May Have A Nipple Piercing — At Least, Instagram Says So

Kylie Jenner is a part of one of the most publicized and exposed families in the entire world, and it’s not surprising that the internet goes into an uproar whenever they do anything. That was the case when she posted a pic to Instagram showing how cute she is, but everyone is more concerned that she may have a nipple piercing.

As MTV News revealed, it was actually a pic posted to Instagram by one of her BFFs, Shamari. The pic shows Jenner just sitting back relaxed in a purple top and showcasing her very full lips. The focus was elsewhere though, and it’s because everyone now thinks that she has a nipple ring.

Yes, as Perez Hilton put so bluntly, it is a new nipple piercing

“Brand. New. Nipple. Piercing.”

The 17-year-old, the youngest member of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, showed herself in a pic that leaves very little to the imagination. There were comments made online that maybe she was just cold or something, but there appears to be more to it. The pic of Kylie Jenner shows more of a bar shape protruding through the fabric of her shirt, clearing the way for concrete thoughts of a nipple piercing.

A fully uncensored version of the pic can be seen here, if you so choose. The outline is evident in the picture.

The comments on Instagram started stating the obvious that could be seen in the picture.

“I’m pretty sure she has her nipple pierced.”

Another user thought that people weren’t being very considerate. Others were thinking it was nothing more than speculation and rumors.

“I guess I’m blind because I don’t see any piercing through.”

Kylie Jenner is always showing a lot of herself on Instagram, even before this alleged nipple piercing incident. Sometimes she decides to show more of her body, and other times she keeps rather covered up.

For example, she posted a really cute pic of herself all dolled up for New Year’s, and there was nothing for people to start speculating over.

kylie jenner nipple piercing

The Kardashians and Jenners are a family who never leave much to the imagination. Almost every single member of the family has some sort of major presence on TV or social media, and puts their private life out there.

Back in December, Kim Kardashian called out her mother, Kris Jenner, for wearing “s**t” outfits that made her look like she was Amish, or as Kim wrote, “Omish.” Before anyone knew it, Jenner had posted the email online for the world to see.

The fact that Kylie Jenner had a pic of her posted on Instagram didn’t set the world ablaze. The picture of Kylie Jenner posted online and showing her possible nipple piercing has everyone in an uproar.

[Image via Instagram]

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