Weight Loss Tips: Celebrities Sofia Vergara, Miranda Lambert, And Scarlett Johannson Share Their Secrets To Staying Fit

The New Year is upon us, and with that comes the number one resolution for many: weight loss. So how do stars such as Sofia Vergara, Miranda Lambert, and Scarlett Johannson stay in shape? Glad you asked!

Sofia Vergara told NewBeauty Magazine recently that her secret to weight loss and staying in shape is her enjoyment in healthy eating.

“I actually enjoy eating healthy; I love a good salad or a piece of grilled chicken.”

But the Modern Family star – who recently became engaged to actor Joe Mangiello, as reported by Inquisitr – also recognizes where her weaknesses lie and what she must do to keep her figure slim.

“My downfall is the sweets — I could eat an entire cake in one sitting. I need to control how many desserts I eat. My new thing is to try to eat them only on the weekend.”

Sofia also likes to keep a positive mindset when it comes to losing weight or staying young.

“Life is usually drama and fear and pain so it’s good to always get a good laugh out of every situation.”

Miranda Lambert, meanwhile, shed 45 pounds recently, and shared with Us Weekly the secret to her dramatic weight loss. Lambert avoids sugary cocktails when she goes out, favoring her own “Mirandaritas,” instead. The weight loss cocktail is “a mix of Bacardi rum, raspberry lemonade-flavored Crystal Light and Sprite Zero.”

Lambert also preaches regular exercise and never skipping breakfast as two “musts” for weight loss.

“Trading a fat-laden bacon-and-egg sandwich for high-fiber green juice saves calories and gives Lambert a daily dose of vitamins A and C,” Us Weekly reports.

A healthy breakfast also prepares her for an exercise regimen that she conducts with her personal trainer while on the road.

At home, “Lambert pushes herself with jumping jacks, climbing stairs and sweating through run-walk intervals around her 700-acre ranch.”

Finally, Miranda revealed that controlling portions, going gluten-free, and avoiding high calories snacks helped her lose weight. Though she tells Us that “[t]here’s nothing I love more than Cheetos,” she skipped the 150-calorie snack in favor of almonds, which have just 80 calories per a serving of 10.

Hollywood Life, meanwhile, reports that Scarlett Johannson also subscribes to the healthy diet and exercise routine many celebrities engage in. The site says Scarlett “runs daily and eats a lot of salads,” which helped get her “back into her size 2 jeans just two months after having a baby.”

Overall, the secret to weight loss and staying fit for many celebrities seems to be by doing it the the old-fashioned way: working hard!

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