Justin Bieber Features On Lil Twist’s ‘Intertwine’ — Listen To The Leaked Track

Justin Bieber graces smooth vocals in his feature on Lil Twist’s new slow jam “Intertwine,” which has leaked from the rapper’s upcoming mixtape, The Golden Child 2, which drops later this month.

As one might expect from the title and the age of the two artists, concerns on the song are focused on getting close to the ladies. However, the duo have very different ways of going about it.

While Young Money’s Lil Twist — real name, Christopher Moore — raps in his somewhat ridiculous voice about stopping at a “waffle house” before “introduced her to the molly now she’s amped and she’s wired” and his intentions for an even more.. risqué activity, Justin offers a sweeter seduction technique.

The 20-year-old heartthrob comes on like a more sensitive Casanova as he croons on the catchy hook, “What’s the use of being lonely when I’m offering my company? / You could be my lover, hold me / I’d give you attention all night all day / intertwine, we can intertwine (x 3.)”

At face value, “Intertwine” is an above average track, notable for its superstar feature.

It is also one of two songs to surface from Lil Twist ahead of his mixtape. The MC can also be heard on his Juicy J-featured track “UFO.”

This isn’t the first collaboration for Lil Twist and Justin Bieber.

The two appeared on the rapper’s also leaked “Twerk” track back in August 2013, which also featured Miley Cyrus who had just hit the twerking zeitgeist at that year’s MTV VMAs.

Soon after “Intertwine” leaked, the track began disappearing from the Internet following a take down notice from IFPI.

As reported, Lil Twist’s superior at Young Money, rapper Lil Wayne, previously called out Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, in a video in May 2014.

The gist of it repeated claims made by Lil Twist in an epic Twitter rant in November 2013.

His rant followed media stories claiming Braun considered Lil Twist a “bad influence” over Justin. Those reports alleged Lil Twist and pal Lil Za upset the singer’s former Calabasas, California, neighbors after they held numerous parties at the star’s then home when he was away on tour. Twist also had a number of accidents in Justin’s cars.

By September 2013, the two “Lil’s” were allegedly kicked out of Justin’s pad amid non-credible reports of jewelry going missing while they house-sat. At the time, Bieber denied any such theft took place.

However, regardless of the dramas before, Lil Twist and Justin’s friendship has survived. The pair were seen enjoying a pasta meal in October 2014, and now even MTV mused whether a joint mixtape mentioned in 2010 could still be in the works.

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