Elders React To Kim Kardashian’s Naked Photos In Hilarious Video

When Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet with her naked Paper Magazine photos, the web responded by making memes, mocking the pictures, and claiming that Photoshop was used to create Kim K’s curves.

It seemed like everyone on the internet had an opinion about Kim Kardashian’s glossy glutes, but what would a less web-savvy person think about Kim’s bare backside? According to Gossip Cop, Fine Brothers Entertainment recently decided to answer this question in the latest Elders React video.

Some of the elders in the video below are actually aware of who Kim Kardashian is — Catherine complains that she knows “way too much” about the reality show star, Barbara labels her an “opportunity hog,” Bill says that “she’s famous for being famous,” and Don knows that she’s “very well known for her tush.”

Elder Jennifer thinks that it’s “awesome” that you could serve a drink on Kim’s butt, and Laura compliments Kim for having very “good gear.”

“I’ve heard rumors about those kind of butts, but I’ve never seen one,” Bill declares.

He later speculates that Kardashian could have “implants in her a**.” Sassy Barbara responds to the photo by pointing out that “somebody had fun greasing her,” and Lloyd says that Kim looks like “a big plastic body with a head put onto it.”

Robert falls in love with Kim Kardashian’s NSFW Paper Magazine photo, but you might fall in love with his fabulous necklace — it looks like something Kanye West would “design” and force Kim to wear. You can check out the Elders React video below.

As you can see, most elders agree that Kim Kardashian was crazy to think that her photos would “break the internet.” As Don points out, “nudity is really nothing that new.” The oldsters also give interesting responses when they’re asked about past celebrity photo shoots that caused controversy — two of the men mention Burt Reynolds’ nude photo shoot for a 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“I can’t imagine what that would have done on Twitter today,” Bill says.

Most elders decide that they’re totally against Kim’s nude photos after learning about their racist origins and hearing Kardashian’s explanation for taking them. Rock wasn’t buying Kim Kardashian’s claim that she just wanted to feel more confident.

“Confident in what? That she can exploit herself? She’s not lifting up women as anything other than sex objects, and they’re much more than that.”


Many of the elders seemed surprised that Kim Kardashian would want to expose so much of herself to the world. However, the most shocking thing about Kim’s Paper Magazine photos isn’t her lack of clothing — it’s her mouth. According to Us Weekly, the reality show recently admitted that she makes a conscious effort to avoid smiling.

“See I do smile… even laugh on occasion,” Kim captioned a recent Instagram photo. “Not too often though because it causes wrinkles.”

It’s a shame the elders weren’t asked to offer their opinions on Kim Kardashian’s depressing beauty tip.

[Image credit: Fine Brothers Entertainment/YouTube]

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