Sebastian Bach Verbally Attacks Fan For Bumping Into His 70-Year-Old Mother At Concert [Video]

Warning: This video contains obscene language.

If you mess with Sebastian Bach or his mother, be prepared to pay the consequence, as one overzealous fan found out. Bach, former Skid Row front man, lost his temper and launched into an explosive, verbal attack during a recent concert after allegedly seeing a male fan bumping into his elderly 70-year-old mother in the crowd. The incident was caught on video, and occurred on December 21 during Bach’s recent hometown performance at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theater during the final stop of his 2014 Tour of Hell.

The 3:32 minute video clip taken of the incident shows Bach halting mid-lyric and launching into a tirade.

“Hey, you wanna f**king stop the show,” the singer yells. “That’s my f**king mother right there, you j**k-off. I’m gonna f**king beat your f**king face in.”

As reported by the Examiner, the fan video footage now posted on YouTube captures Bach berating a member of his audience as fans clap and cheer. He had just segued from his Skid Row classic “Monkey Business” mid-song into a rocked up version of the Christmas carol “Silent Night,” when the incident took place. Though it’s uncertain whether someone pushed or bumped into Bach’s mother, the singer abruptly stopped singing and began screaming at the fan. He then extended his warning to everyone else in the audience, stating that if anyone else went near this mother again, he was going to quit the show entirely.

When explaining his actions, according to the Guardian, Bach was adamant that he was not sorry for threatening the man, as he had become seriously worried that his elderly mother had been harmed, and therefore felt that his reaction was extremely justified. Asked why a woman of such an age was there to begin with, Bach replied that it was because she was awesome and loved that type of music. He went on to admit that he knows his mother should possibly not have been in the front row, as it is not too safe of a place for someone of that age group

Bach had a very busy 2014 promoting his fifth solo studio album, released April 25 via Frontier Records. The supporting tour has taken the 46-year-old Peterborough, Ontario, native to the U.K., Europe, and North America. Bach also appeared in two Trailer Park Boys episodes during their 2014 season on Netflix. Bach plays a recurring role as himself in the popular Canadian TV comedy series. He also recently became engaged to his model girlfriend Suzanne Le. The rocker and Le began dating only a few months ago, but friends say they have never seen him happier. Just don’t bump into his mother.

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