This Child’s Tantrum Will Infuriate You: Where Are The Parents? [Video]

A child’s tantrum can be one of the most mortifying and infuriating things a parent experiences. But as hard as it is on them, think about how hard it is on everyone else.

Non-parents as well as parents of kids who know how to behave out in public have to sit idly by and put up with whatever a cranky youngster dishes out.

They have no power over a tantrum thrower in public or at home, and thus find themselves in the annoying position of having to ride out the emotional storm.

That’s what some at a Tallahassee, Florida, Dollar General store recently had to deal with when the youth you see pictured above and in the video below was turned loose.

Nowhere in this three minute, 28 second video will you find a parent coming to the rescue. Instead, it’s just a bemused, slightly agitating man with a phone camera following the boy around as he flings things off the shelves.

At one point, the youngster starts to come at the man poised to strike him with an object he found on the shelf. The man pauses from the laughter for a moment.

“You hit me with that, you gonna lose yo’ life,” he says.

Apparently the threat worked because the child retreated and instead did more damage to the store.

At another point, the man filming the video says the young man “needs his a** beat.”

The child then runs into the back of the store, where he’s cornered by some workers before escaping and running back to the storefront. There, he starts pulling over end-cap displays and threatens to strike a worker asking him to stop before another one comes up behind him and finally ends it.

Prepare to be outraged.

As you might expect, video of the tantrum has gone viral since quietly appearing online December 29. It has thus far racked up more than five million views, with a number of commenters asking the very question that came to my mind when I first saw it.

Where in the world are the parents?

They never appear on the video itself, and the chances of hearing any further details aren’t very likely considering the child is a juvenile, and there’s no indication charges were pressed.

Hopefully, these three minutes are just a snapshot of a really bad day and not an indicator of business-as-usual in the boy’s house. What do you think about this child’s tantrum, readers? How do you think the best way to handle a child this out of control is?

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