Wow! Taylor Swift Brings Fans To Tears With Personally Delivered Gifts! [Video]

You may not listen to Taylor Swift’s music. In fact, you may not be a Taylor Swift fan at all. But that may all change after watching what she did for her fans for Christmas and Hanukkah. Only a scrooge wouldn’t get teary-eyed while watching this latest video of Taylor spreading overwhelming joy this holiday season.

Taylor Swift is out to prove that she is the best celebrity by showing love to her fans. And with this video accumulating over 5 million views already, it won’t take long.

According to Liftbump, Taylor had been intently studying up on her biggest fans, which has been labeled “Tay-Lurking.” Taylor actually spent an enormous amount of time getting to know her biggest fans — the ones who had been most supportive and vocal on social media throughout 2014.

The 25-year-old Swift determined every minute detail of her fan’s likes, their wishes, their jobs, their dreams, their surroundings, their families and their lives, as per US Magazine.

Once she made her notes about each fan, she was able to make her Santa list and begin shopping for what is being called “Swiftmas.” Taylor went shopping for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for her dearest fans — handpicking what she knew they would personally love.

Taylor then filled her room with not only holiday spirit, but with boxes, bubble wrap, packages, wrapping paper, tape, bows and ribbons as she lovingly and excitedly wrapped each present while videoing the entire event for all to enjoy.

She filled huge boxes with beautiful gifts from her heart, and included lovely handwritten notes with each one encouraging her fans with sweet messages and sentiments.

Taylor includes handwritten notes alongside her gifts
Taylor includes handwritten notes alongside her gifts

The video shows Taylor working hard to make her fans feel appreciated and loved in the spirit of gift-giving, and the reaction of her fans as they receive and open their packages from Taylor is priceless.

Swift even takes the time to drive to Connecticut to surprise one fan and her young son, arriving on the girl’s doorstep with packages galore.

What a way to start 2015! Kudos to Taylor Swift. She may be a pop singer, but she actually rocks!

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