Meryl Streep: I Stole Some White House Napkins

Meryl Streep gave an interview on the hit show The View, and in it she made a startling admission. While she was a guest at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue she managed to boost some White House Napkins. “I stole the White House Napkins” Politico quoted her as saying.

The Academy Award winning actress was on the View to promote her new film Iron Lady, where Streep electrifies in her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Interestingly enough, Streep revealed to the British Newspaper The Mirror that she almost turned down the role due to her strong disagreement with the policies that Thatcher promoted. “I was not thrilled with her policies or her politics because my friends and I were all playing for the other team,” Meryl revealed.

Despite their political differences There were some of the Iron Lady’s attributes that she respected.

“She was head of the United Kingdom for eleven and a half years and did not have a cook,” she says in amazement. “I have a cook. The last movie I made when I stopped making dinner was Sophie’s Choice and that was a long time ago.”

Watch the interview with Meryl Streep on The View

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