WWE News: Top WWE Star To Turn Heel Upon Return From Injury

Sheamus, the former WWE champion, is still on injured reserve after undergoing surgery right after the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Since then, the WWE Universe is waiting for the Celtic Warrior to make his return to WWE television. Before he sustained his injury, it seemed like the WWE was alluding to Sheamus receiving a big push for another WWE title reign.

His popularity and in-ring skills settle any argument that Sheamus isn’t a main event-caliber WWE superstar. Sheamus’ rise to stardom was very swift. The WWE had the Celtic Warrior beat John Cena in a tables match to win the WWE championship in 2009. After his second championship run, which was very short, he never saw the WWE title again.

Currently, the WWE is facing a problem at the main event. There is only one true monster heel on the roster. Rusev isn’t at the same level as Seth Rollins, and the Big Show is only at the main event level, due to this affiliation with Rollins. Aside from that, WWE is in need of another big heel. WrestlingInc is reporting that Sheamus could return as a heel after his injury subsides.

“Sheamus noted on Twitter that he’s heading back to the United States this weekend. He’s been at home in Ireland for the holidays while recovering from surgery that he had towards the end of November.

There’s still no word yet on what kind of surgery Sheamus had but the storyline at the time was that he suffered “a left cervical neurapraxia (stinger in arm), bone spurring, narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis) and narrowing of the nerve canals (neuroforaminal) along with nerve compression in his neck.”

There’s been some speculation within WWE that Sheamus will be returning to work as a heel for the WrestleMania 31 season.”

There are fans in the WWE Universe who believe Sheamus has no choice but to turn heel. As a face, Sheamus was very successful. Before going in the shelf, Sheamus was on John Cena’s Survivor Series team that took on the Authority. Being a big man and owning the microphone skills necessary to survive is one way Sheamus earns his right near the top of the mountain.

Looking back to the early years of Sheamus’ career, he was hated within the WWE Universe. It became a popular notion to “boo” the Celtic Warrior upon arrival. One potential opponent for Sheamus, if he does turn heel, is Randy Orton.

Orton recently underwent another surgery, so it might be a few weeks until the Apex Predator is back in action. WWE would benefit from another big feud, so they can enter WrestleMania 31 with at least four or five strong programs. The card for any WrestleMania is stacked, but it will be a tough task to raise the stakes from last year. A heel-Sheamus would only boost WrestleMania’s mid-card.

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