ATM break-in nets hacker $9M in one day [VIDEO]

Back in November 8th of 2008 in a coordinated move low level cashers hit ATM machines in 49 cities world wide for a haul of $9 million. The way it was done apparently is that a single hacker or a hacking ring broke into the computer system of RBS WorldPay and duplicated or cloned people’s ATM cards. At the same time they also lifted the daily limits that are typically placed on all ATM cards. This way the cashers could go back time and time again hitting those same accounts.

The RBS Web site says that card holders will not be responsible for any unauthorized transactions. But there is fear that the hackers might have had access to sensitive information used in identity theft for a potential 1.5 million customers — including their including Social Security numbers.

“The number of machines that were accessed, the number of cities that were targeted, and the number of people that had to be involved in this is quite significant,” Agent Rice said.

Investigators are hoping a break in the case may come from one of the cashers. The theory is they probably were recruited, paid a small fee to be solders in the scam, and might be likely to rat out the people who hired them.

There are millions of people out there these days with these payroll cards. RBS officials say they have sent out letters to anyone who might have been affected. They are also offering one-year credit protection for people whose Social Security number may have been jeopardized by this scam. However, the good news is that it doesn’t look like any identity theft has occurred yet.

So far, the FBI has no suspects and has made no arrests in this scam. An attorney in Atlanta has filed a class-action lawsuit against RBS WorldPay for allegedly failing to protect personal information.

Source: Fox 5

Video courtesy of Fox 5

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