‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Set To Premiere In U.S.

Downton Abbey will begin its fifth season in the U.S. this Sunday on PBS stations across the country and fans seem to be eager for it, even as it has already aired in its entirety in the U.K.

The Los Angeles Times reported on North American fans eagerly flocking to the United Kingdom this past summer to get a glimpse of their favorite show as it filmed its latest season.

“On a rainy, windy morning in mid-August, three busloads of American tourists were shuttled in and discovered it was indeed their lucky day. Much of the cast, and scores of uniformed World War I extras, were gathered near the church to shoot a host of scenes — frequently interrupted and delayed by wet weather — that will air in America toward the end of this season.”

The Orange County Register said that Downton Abbey is the “undisputed star of the PBS lineup” and noted how much American fans of the show seem to enjoy it.

“The event will be cause for celebration for the millions of fans of the British costume drama, many of whom treat the show’s annual eight-week appearance as something of a national holiday.”

Those in the U.S. hoping to avoid spoilers might have a hard time doing so since reviews and comments about it abound on the web. On the bright side for fans, many of those reviews and comments appear to be positive.

The Brisbane Times offered a roundup of a variety of reviews for Downton Abbey Season 5 and said that the American reviewers liked what they saw.

Buzzfeed called it a return to form, the UK Telegraph said it lacked coherence at times and the Independent felt it got off to a slow start — now the fifth season of Downton Abbey is to premiere in the US, and is meeting favourable reviews.”

Some American fans might be frustrated at having to wait for Downton Abbey after it airs in the U.K. The producers of the show are aware of this frustration but don’t appear to be able to do anything about it, according to a report from USA Today.

“PBS insists on the schedule, yet even creator Julian Fellowes is tired of the time delay. ‘If it was left to me it would start on the same day. The world is a very small place now,’ says Fellowes. ‘The BBC and Sherlock demonstrated that it could be done. I feel it’s testing our audience.'”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Downton Abbey has already been renewed for a Season 6.

[Image via official PBS Masterpiece Twitter account]

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