Arkansas Billboard: KKK Puts Little Girl Holding Puppy On Billboard To Promote Radio Station, ‘White Pride’

An Arkansas billboard erected by the KKK has caused outrage across the U.S. According to the Mail Online, the billboard was paid for by the Knights Party of Zinc, formerly the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and uses an innocent little girl holding a puppy to spread their message of “white love.” The website listed on the billboard redirects folks to the KKKRadio station, which is known to host programs such as This is The Klan, The White Side, and White Women’s Perspective.

National director of the Knights Party Thomas Robb has come forward to take responsibility for the billboard, saying that the group paid to keep the sign up for one year.

The Arkansas billboard wasn’t the first of its kind either. Previously, two billboards in the area were taken down after being in place for over a year. One of those billboards was erected in 2013 and read, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.” The other, which was directly beneath it read, “Welcome to Harrison. Beautiful town. Beautiful people. No wrong exits. No bad neighborhoods.” It is unclear who paid to have those ads put up, but the offensive signs were removed. No word on whether or not the latest KKK message (“It’s not racist to love your people”) will stay up.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people in the area have mixed reactions to the new sign.

“The residents around Harrison have mixed reactions to the new billboard. Some claim that it is definitely turning heads, and many wonder exactly what the billboard is intended to promote. Fayetteville resident Dale Riggins says it will make people stop and look.”

The Arkansas billboard has gotten the attention of a lot of people, including the mayor. According to the New York Daily News, there are some people who think that “loving your race” isn’t racist at all, while others believe that is the very thing that can make someone racist.

“The message is white people have the right to be proud of who they are. Everybody else has a right to be proud and I don’t deny that,” said Thomas Robb.

“I would hope more people would stand up and say this isn’t us. We’re not all about this. The reflection comes back on Harrison and if we just keep quiet and let him do the speaking, it looks like we’re all like that and we’re not. Harrison is not like that at all,” said Mayor Jeff Crockett.

Do you think the Arkansas billboard is racist? Would it bother you if something like that was erected in your town or city?

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