Idina Menzel Misses ‘Let It Go’ High Note, Fans React

Actress and singer Idina Menzel has been known for being able to pull off some amazing performances over the years. However, the “Let It Go” singer will likely not want to put her New Year’s Eve performance on that same list.

The 43-year-old Tony Award winner sung “Let It Go,” the Oscar-winning song from the Disney hit Frozen, in Times Square for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Everything seemed to be going well — until Idina came towards the end of the song with the climactic high note that many people have tried to cover since the song was released and failed.

Even though she is the performer of the original song, Idina Menzel had to add herself to that list of people who missed the mark during that performance. Menzel just was not able to hit the high note, and it did not sound very well at all.

The temperature was in the low 20s at the time, and Idina Menzel was bundled up in layers of clothing and accessories to stay warm. According to TMZ, Idina “clearly didn’t have her usual vocal range” because of her outerwear and the cold weather.

Instead of deciding to follow the advice of the song and “let it go,” quite a few people seemed to rush to Twitter in order to express their dissatisfaction by mocking Idina Menzel for not hitting that note.

However, there were also some people who supported Idina Menzel, and mocked the haters on Twitter instead. Those were the people who paid more attention to Idina’s overall track record as well as the factors that were out of her control (mainly, the weather).

What did you think about Idina Menzel and her New Year’s Eve performance?

[Image Credit: Daily News & E! Online]

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