Kanye West Releases ‘Only One’ Featuring Paul McCartney On Piano

Kanye West released “Only One,” featuring the legendary Paul McCartney on piano, shortly before the ball dropped to ring in 2015. There are mixed reactions to song, based on how fans feel about auto tune and Kanye.

It seems the die-hard West fans believe “Only One” is nothing short of genius, while others feel the heavy use of auto-tune is a distraction.

“Only One” is in celebration of West’s daughter, North (nicknamed “Nori”), and the sentiments behind the lyrics are beautiful. He began working on the track early last year with McCartney in Los Angeles. While Paul improvised on the piano, Kanye shaped the lyrics per a statement.

Kanye sat there with his family, holding his daughter North on his lap, and listened to his vocals singing ‘Hello, my only one… ‘ And in that moment, not only could he not recall having sung those words, but he realized that perhaps the words had never really come from him. The process of artistic creation is one that does not involve thinking, but often channeling. And he understood in that moment that his late mother, Dr. Donda West, who was also his mentor, confidante, and best friend, had spoken through him that day.

Listen to “Only One” below.

hey one day you’ll be the man you always knew you would be

and if you knew how proud I was you’d never shed a tear have a fear no you wouldn’t do that

and though I didn’t pick the day to turn the page I know it’s not the end every time I see her face

and I hear you say Hello my only one… tell Nori about me

Although West is not a singer, he is lyricist, and the song demonstrates his sensitive side and evokes tears. “Only One” may be the first release, among many, that Kanye has worked on with McCartney. Reportedly, “Piss on My Grave” is one that will be featured on the follow-up album to West’s Yeezus, which was due to be released last year, and fans are still waiting for it.

Kim Kardashian weighed in on “Only One,” saying it is her favorite Kanye West song.

Do you think “Only One” shows Kanye at his best?

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