Spanish Bakery Sells Exclusive ‘Gold Leaf Bread’ For $150 A Loaf

How much would you pay for a freshly baked 400-gram loaf of piping hot wholewheat bread? Perhaps $5, maybe $10 if it was really special. But what about $150 for the loaf? Would you pay that premium?

You might be saying “no” in your head right now, but many people who visit the small Spanish village of Algatocin pay exactly that premium to baker Juan Manual Moreno, the owner of the exclusive Pan Piña bakery.

So what makes the bread so expensive, I hear you ask?

Well, that’s simple, because as well as all the usual ingredients — flour, spelt, and water — a touch of edible gold is sprinkled on top. This is not just for decoration, as the gold dust also aids digestion.

The co-owner of the bakery said he came up with the ingenious idea after seeing the “world’s most expensive coffee” on sale at another shop in the region.

As the Daily Mail reports, Moreno decided to dazzle up his own bread with a dash of edible gold — worth over $100 — both inside and on the surface of each loaf.

However, he admits that the shiny metal does nothing to enhance flavor.

“The gold itself has no real taste. It just adds a certain sparkle, a lustre to each loaf. The rest of the ingredients are organic and super healthy. People believe small amounts of gold are good for the digestion,” he said.

But many of the poor village people of Algatocin cannot afford such prices for their daily bread, so Moreno sells most of his loaves to rich people from around the world.

According to Moreno, “We have a lot of wealthy visitors from Russia and China here and they are always looking for something new to show how rich they are.”

Would you pay $150 for a loaf of fresh bread, even if it did have gold on and in it? Share your thoughts with us on this one in the comments feed provided below.

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