Justin Bieber Blasts ‘Bitter’ Hater On Instagram After Insults In Rare Pushback

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is a huge target for online hate. And, it looks like the singer finally had enough on New Year’s Eve, after he was attacked on his Instagram account by what appears to be a “hater.”

The 20-year-old, who rarely responds to the mass of online assaults he receives on a daily basis, snapped back after rude remarks were left by a visitor at his Instagram page.

Instagram user janelizrea posted an initial comment that doesn’t show in the sequence of messages, but set off a ping-pong match between her and the Canadian.

The conversation was caught by Justin Bieber Tracker, who screenshot the exchange that ensued.

After janelizrea appears to have made the first comment which Bieber evidently perceived as insulting, he replied, “it sucks u got so much talent but a waste of a human.”

The rest of the conversation follows:

janelizrea: @justinbeiber could say the same to you douche

justinbieber: What kind of old lady sits around hating on 20 year olds

janelizrea: @justinbieber haha u are a child aren’t you, grow up!

justinbieber: An unhappy one

janelizrea: @justinbieber haha sucks to be you

justinbieber: While your bitter I’m counting money

janelizrea: @justinbieber count your money lil boy lol

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Screenshot of the exchange at Bieber’s Instagram page, which he later deleted)

It’s perhaps not surprising Bieber appears to have reached his limit with the virtual bullying that’s thrown his way, particularly as it’s often from people who just want to troll.

As Hollywood Life noted, the heartthrob usually turns the other cheek. So, perhaps 2015 is going to see a more vocal response to online abuse from Bieber?

Back in October, “The Good Men Project” had this to say about the rise of online attacks on the embattled star.

“It seems to be the cool thing to attack Justin Bieber these days. Whenever his name comes up it’s usually followed by vitriolic comments about how bad his lifestyle is and how great it would be if something awful happened to him. He’s a hated figure among the people who don’t like his music and I find the hatred to be both misplaced and fascinating.”

To be honest with you, I genuinely like the guy. I have no interest in his music and can only name 2 songs he’s ever made, but so help me, when I look at him I see much of my younger self and I think many other men would to if they were honest with themselves.”

Reaction to the Instagram exchange ranges from those who think Bieber was well within his rights to call out janelizrea for the unpleasant comments she left at his page.

Others either objected to some of his responses, or urged him to ignore the remarks.

No doubt, the debate as to the best way for Justin Bieber — or anyone, for that matter — to deal with online hate will likely rage on indefinitely.

The truism that social media has the capacity to be a positive communicative force and a toxic one remains intact.

What do you think readers? Would you have done the same as the Biebs or ignored the heat? Let us know in comments below.

[Image via TheHollywoodReporter.com]

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