Robin Williams Art Show Will Celebrate His Life And Career

The changing of the year is often a time of mixed emotions, with many people remembering those the world has lost in the previous 12 months, amidst revelers celebrating the coming of a new year with fresh possibilities. Robin Williams was arguably the greatest loss of 2014, his tragic death leaving an emptiness in the hearts of Williams’ millions of adoring fans. There are many ways to remember him, and surely Williams’ fans will always keep him in their hearts, but on January 3, there is perhaps one last chance for fans and admirers to come together and celebrate a career and a life that endeared Robin Williams to so many.

SF Weekly reports that Ezra Croft is following up his recent art show tributes to Nicholas Cage and Christopher Walken with a Robin Williams art show. The show, dedicated to Williams, will provide much more than the customary artistic depictions of Williams, of which there will be many in a wide array of styles. Additionally, attendees will be treated to first-hand stories from those who had shared an encounter with Williams, as well as burlesque and circus events, live music, and performances from stand-up comics Kate Willett, Kurt Weitzmann, and Johan Miranda.

Croft admits he was wary of hosting the art show too soon following Mr. Williams’ death and opted to wait through a six-month mourning period, before proceeding.

“We didn’t want to capitalize on the immediacy of his death. I have really weird mixed emotions about [the show]. It’s a sad situation.”

As TicketFly states, the purpose of this art show is to honor the life of Robin Williams, as opposed to focusing on the last days of his life. The hope is to provide an energized party atmosphere in true form with what the late comedian-turned-actor would have enjoyed.

“We are going to approach it with a really celebratory kind of attitude,” Croft said in an interview. “[Williams is] a Bay Area icon, someone who made people laugh in so many movies.”

Jamie DeWolf, familiar with similar shows through his own experiences hosting his Tourettes Without Regrets art show, will host the Robin Williams show. He hopes the show will share the legacy Williams left behind and the sense of community Robin Williams inspired locally, as well as the inspiration his life and his work gifted to so many people.

“I don’t think it’s going to be depressing show,” DeWolf said of the event. “It’s going to be an awesome show. I think it’s going to be as wacky as [Williams] would want.”

The show is to be held at Public Works, located at 161 Erie Street San Francisco, CA, 94103. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and admission is $10 before 9:30 p.m., and $15 anytime afterwards. The event is also listed on Facebook.

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