2 Bibles Found PlayStation Box: Christmas Gift Holds Unexpected Surprise Inside Box Bought At Target

There were 2 bibles found inside a PlayStation box, which was an unexpected surprise for one man who was thrilled that his girlfriend bought him a PS4 for Christmas. According to WATE, the gaming system was purchased at a Target store in California. Not thinking twice about the pricey gift, Sandra Ortiz wrapped it and waited for Christmas day. When her boyfriend opened the gift, he was excited… but those feelings changed once he opened the box. Instead of a gaming system, the man found two bibles.

“I felt embarrassed. I felt like, you know, I just ruined Christmas for him and everybody else. He said he didn’t want the Bibles unless they were autographed by Jesus himself,” Sandra Ortiz said.

The 2 bibles found inside the PlayStation box were brought to Target’s attention, and the retailer decided to exchange Ortiz’s purchase. Of course, Target couldn’t prove that the PS4 wasn’t in the box and there is no way in telling exactly how the bibles got placed in the box to begin with, so Ortiz is lucky to have been granted the exchange.

According to CNET, this sort of thing has happened in the past — at Target and other stores.

“Last year, a man claimed that he’d bought two iPods at two different Target stores and both boxes had contained not iPods but erasers. Two years ago, a Texas woman bought an iPad at Walmart and found that it contained only yellow notepads. In that case, an earlier customer had apparently bought the box with an iPad in it and returned it without an iPad in it.”

The 2 bibles found in the PlayStation box have caused quite a bit of chatter on the web today. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the mystery of the “pray station” may never be solved. It is possible that someone who works at the store switched out the gaming system. It is also possible that someone bought the gaming system and then returned the box with the bibles inside as a way to scam the company. It’s unknown if Target is conducting an investigation or if this is incident was isolated. So far, there haven’t been any other similar cases reported this holiday season.

Sandra Ortiz did learn a lesson, however, and has encouraged shoppers to check the boxes of pricey items before checking out. While finding bibles in a PlayStation box might not be common, it’s worth it to double check.

[Photo courtesy of KBAK/VCNN via WATE]

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