New American Girl Doll Grace Thomas For Sale: She’s A Baker And Entrepreneur [Video]

People love their American Girl dolls, and the newest American Girl doll named Grace Thomas is no exception. The 2015 American Girl doll of the year – Grace Thomas is her name – is receiving plenty of attention in a new ABC News report via Good Morning America titled American Girl’s 2015 Girl of the Year: Meet Grace Thomas, Baker and Entrepreneur, both an article and video that are racking up the Facebook likes and views by the minute after the announcement on December 31.

Grace Thomas is a French baker who just loves to bake – hence the aprons worn in the GMA video – and she’s also an entrepreneurial-minded American Girl doll, which is a skill that American Girl fans will learn when they read Grace Thomas’ new book. Grace believes in working together, so Thomas’ friends help her in her endeavor to launch her own bakery. Like other American Girl dolls that practice crafts like writing, Grace Thomas adds to the allure of smart girls focusing on their God-given talents.

A search for “Grace Thomas” and “Grace Thomas” via Google as of this writing only turns up teaser text about the newest American Girl doll being revealed on GMA, which should be available for sale on the American Girl doll website on January 1, 2015.

“Want a sneak peek at the new Girl of the Year? See her revealed on Good Morning America, Wednesday, December 31.”

This “American Girl of the Year” for 2015 was unveiled Wednesday on Good Morning America – and already 9-year-old Grace Thomas is receiving lots of attention on the American Girl Facebook page, with fans apparently loving the description of the newest American Girl being an avid French baker and aspiring young businesswoman. The Facebook post has rapidly received more than 1,250 likes on Facebook and a growing number of comments and social shares, while the GMA article about the new Grace Thomas doll is so popular that it has landed at the top spot of the Google Trends list on Wednesday, with reportedly more than 20,000 searches for Grace Thomas.

“American Girl Doll Reveals the 2015 Girl of the Year: Grace Thomas, an avid baker and entrepreneur, is the newest doll in the popular specialty line.”

Indeed, whenever the American Girl doll franchise announces a sale or any updates – like they did back on December 10 via the Today show as reported by the Inquisitr – the attention and fervor from American Girl fans goes through the roof.

[Image credit: American Girl doll Grace Thomas via GMA]

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