Meghan Trainor Says Childhood Health Concerns Split Family

Meghan Trainor, known for her forthcoming nature of promoting a healthy body image and embracing curves and voluptuousness via her hit music, has recently shared information about health concerns during her childhood that quite literally split her family apart.

Trainor was born and raised on the island of Nantucket in Massachusetts, and attended school there until she began to realize that her “health was deteriorating due to the conditions at her school building.” New Magazine reports that “[Meghan], along with her mother and two brothers, moved nearly three hours away to Cape Cod, where she could attend another facility.”

The pop star recently told the Boston radio station KISS 108 of the troublesome childhood experience during an interview.

“I was allergic to the school in Nantucket. I would cough all the time. It was the mould. When I moved to Cape Cod, they (other students) would ask, ‘Why did you move here?’ and I was like ‘I was allergic to my school’ and they were like, ‘Oh you’re crazy then, right?'”

Trainor noted that it was especially difficult because the relocation for education free of health concerns meant that she, her brothers, and mother had to be separated from her father. Contact Music recounts her words noting the struggle it caused the family.

“We rented a house on the Cape and my mum took me and my brothers, so all went to school together. My parents had to live, basically like divorced, for seven years, but they’re happily married so it was very difficult.”

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter who stormed the charts in 2014 with her addictive and empowering jam “All About That Bass” informs us that her parents’ relationship and her relationship with her family is intact and undoubtedly stronger because of the trials they experienced over those seven years. It sure didn’t dampen Trainor’s spirit toward striving for musical success.

Billboard makes note of Trainor’s superbly successful year and many are predicting only continuing chart topping standings for the singer in the new year.

Meghan isn’t one to be cornered into one genre of music either. She’s made mention to Perez Hilton of the hopes she has for her upcoming album.

“I want it to be crazy. I want it to be awesome. I want it to be different. Because as a songwriter, I’m not just shoo-woppy. It’s just clicked. My favorite part of the doo-wop style is that it’s timeless. You can sing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ and everyone’s, like, ‘This is my jam! I wanna be like, yo — I wanna get my reggae out there!”

So perhaps we can anticipate a reggae track or two from Trainor in the near future? Maybe that was a joke, but it’s clear that the pop sensation is a boundary pusher so don’t count reggae out as an option.

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