Matt Lauer’s Bizarre Behavior: ‘Today’ Host Tells Women ‘Get It While It Lasts’ — Really, Matt?

Does Matt Lauer think he’s a gift to women when he drops his pants? The Today host was captured on video taking his pants off and telling his female co-hosts to “drink it in” and “get it while it lasts” while sporting a suit jacket and light blue boxers.

During a rather bizarre segment of Today this week, Lauer rushed down a hallway near NBC’s Studio 1A inside New York City‘s Rockefeller Plaza, only to have a man walk into him and mess up his “designer slacks.” Matt quickly took his pants off and handed them over to an NBC staff member to get them pressed.

While he waited for his pants, Matt flashed his co-hosts Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, Jenna Bush Hager, and Tamron Hall by opening up his suit jacket to expose his boxers. He then told the ladies to “drink it in.” As they walked by, he awkwardly told his co-hosts to “get it while it lasts” — something a little oddball for a guy who is rumored to be cheating on his wife.

Of course, the whole scene didn’t happen by accident. According to News Busters, Matt Lauer stripping down to his boxers was completely planned. Apparently the cast and crew were filming the Today musical and Lauer’s going without pants was part of the show. [see video clip above]

Although it was just for fun, it was certainly one of the strangest segments the show has produced. Even more awkward than Matt Lauer flashing his co-hosts were the responses he received from the ladies when they saw him without his pants on.

Tamron Hall asked, “Did your mommy give you those?” and Natalie Morales questioned the NBC anchor with an exasperated “again Matt, really?” Jenna Bush Hager told Matt it was “the third time this week” — one would assume that she meant Lauer has sported boxers in Studio 1A before.

Even stranger than Matt Lauer stripping his pants off in a hallway? New mother and co-host Savannah Guthrie telling Natalie, Jenna, and Tamron to “stop it, you’re making me lactate.”

Today has been struggling with ratings over the past few years, but it’s likely that ratings won’t skyrocket if producers decide to create another “musical” with Matt in boxer shorts. However, there is word of a change-up as far as hosts go, so perhaps with the introduction of a new face, things will turn around — especially if that face is Diane Sawyer.

According to Classicalite, NBC is looking for someone to replace “ratings killer” Savannah Guthrie on Today. There are rumors that Diane Sawyer, 69, may be hired to co-host with Matt Lauer.

“Diane was easing into retirement, but she could never have anticipated losing her loved ones so shortly after. She misses the excitement of working in daily TV… producers believe this power duo would push ratings through the roof!”

Sawyer, whose husband, Mike Nichols, died in November, has reportedly been thinking about returning to work. Whether or not the former Good Morning America host will sign on with Today is still unknown, but if she does, there is no doubt she’ll want Matt to have his pants on during the broadcast.

[Image: TV Guide]

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